Now Hiring – Executive Director

The District 95 Educational Foundation is seeking qualified candidates for the role of Foundation Executive Director.

The Foundation is seeking a part-time Executive Director to help implement the mission of the organization. The position is selected by a majority vote of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees and reports directly to the Chair of the Foundation, who oversees the Board of Trustees. The Executive Director serves in a part-time, contractual position and is responsible for individual taxes and benefits.

Here are some of the duties of the Executive Director:

  • The Executive Director of the Foundation functions as the Chief Operating Officer of the Foundation.
  • The Executive Director coordinates all fundraising efforts to include donor recruitment and management and coordination of fundraising events to include but not limited to the Foundation’s annual Color Run, Gala, Golf Outing and Holiday Boutique.
  • The Executive Director coordinates communications to the Foundation’s Board of Trustees regarding meeting dates, agendas and committee coordination.
  • The Executive Director assists as needed standing and appointed committees to ensure successful completion of an event or project.
  • The Executive Director will also assist other CUSD 95 affiliated organizations such as the PTO presidents from the eight schools in providing donor solicitation support and restricted fund management assistance.
  • The Executive Director will be actively engaged in the community to optimize donor cultivation with local businesses, organizations and parents.

For more information about the Executive Director position and how to apply click:  Executive Director Job Description D95 Educational Foundation

District 95 is also currently seeking to fill a part-time position, District Development Coordinator. Candidates for The Foundation Executive Director position are also encouraged to apply for the District 95 Development Coordinator position at