Home Access – E-School Plus Home Module


Foundation grant for Home Access helps keep parents connected with their student’s classroom progress!

Here is what teachers and staff are saying about the Home Access (E-School Plus Home Module):

“Eschool has helped my students take responsibility for their own progress.  The number of parent e-mails and phone calls have dropped drastically as students manage their own assignments.”

—Marge Strand, Middle School South teacher


“Home Access has the ability to foster a healthy partnership between students, teachers and parents.  With teachers providing constant, up-to-date information parents and students are now able to have accurate and timely conversations about academic progress.”

—Noreen Viscioni, Middle School South teacher


“Home Access is the best thing ever!!!!  At first, I thought I would not like it at all but just the opposite is true.  I think it really does improve home-school communication.

I often write notes to the parents explaining why their child earned a particular grade on an assignment – it allows me to be very detailed and explain clearly where the errors were made by the student.  Likewise, if a student does an outstanding job on a particular assignment, I am able to congratulate that student in writing and explain what made their work excellent.  As a result, written documentation accumulates over time.  I find that the parents are now speaking directly to their student before contacting me with any issues…and it has been quite some time now since any parent has contacted me regarding grades.

I also use my written documentation from Home Access to update and write IEPs.  It’s great because there are no surprises for the parents—it is all information they have seen throughout the quarter.  My IEP meetings are going even smoother and faster than ever before and I attribute this directly to Home Access.  The parents already have so much detail before they come in for the IEP meetings and I think the parents appreciate that.

Yes, Home Access is definitely impacting student performance.  If I write something down in the notes section such as a particular error, some students will try very hard not to make that same error again in their work.  I do not think they like seeing their error noted in writing to their parents and their parents are speaking with them about what to do / not do so that higher grades are earned.  While this is not true for every student of mine, it definitely has an impact on some of them.

I think that having all of this information available in writing and online 24/7 is powerful.”

—Susan McDonald, Middle School North teacher


“The amount of paper used at Lake Zurich Middle School South has been greatly cut back due to Home Access.  We no longer have to print out 4 sets of progress reports and report cards for 750 students.  Also, many times a teacher would print out, from the old grade book, what assignments the students were missing.  Now, this is all available on line.  We also no longer have to mail report cards home 4th quarter.  The school saves money by cutting back on boxes of paper and on postage due to Home Access.

We have also saved on labor.  Our secretaries and counselors do not have to spend time printing and sorting out the reports.  Our teachers also spend less time on the phone with parents because all information is available on line.  Home Access is fostering more communication between the parents and students and that communication is invaluable.

Note:  We will have a better handle on cost savings once our other buildings move to a “paperless” system.”

—Crystal Steker, CUSD95 Director of Technology and Research